Adding Custom Hosts

Custom hosts need to implement a simple interface:

def get_repos(): -> list

def clone(): -> None

There’s an example client in ~/.scm/clients

After you’ve implemented your client, activate it by adding the name of your custom client to the ~/.scm/scm.cfg file. See the file for an example.


get_repos() must return a list of dictionaries.

Each dict must contain the following keys:

  • host
  • scm_type
  • clone_url
  • name

example return value:

        'host': HOST_ID,
        'scm_type': 'git',
        'clone_url': 'ssh:...',
        'name' : 'some unique repo name'
        'host': HOST_ID,
        'scm_type': 'hg',
        'clone_url': 'ssh:...',
        'name' : 'some other unique repo name'

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